Jitske Van Der Zee

Jitske van der Zee creates vibrant and dynamic drawings, where images intertwine and
cascade across the paper. She allows herself to be guided by what presents itself in the
moment of drawing. The sheer quantity of images reminds us of the visual overload we are
confronted with on a daily basis in today's world. Although this isn't the subject of her work,

the constant stream of images around us does influence her during her working process.
Primarily using watercolor and acrylic markers, van der Zee takes advantage of their quick
drying time to work swiftly. She also embraces the unpredictability that comes with the
materials, allowing stains or streaks to become part of the next drawing. She intentionally
presents her drawings at an angle or in unconventional orientations on the wall, aiming to
preserve the viewer's perspective as if they were witnessing the drawing process firsthand.
This deliberate approach invites the viewer to engage with the artwork on a more intimate

-Hagar Schuringa



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